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Presenting Paper @ URISA and IAAO 18th GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference, Feb 24-27, Jacksonville, Florida

I will be attending as well as presenting an original paper at this conference next week. Come say hello if you’ll be there!

“Learning more about Geographically Weighted Regression: Optimal Spatial Weighting Functions Used in Mass Appraisal of Residential Real Estate” by Paul E. Bidanset and John R. Lombard


  1. February 28, 2014    

    Paul, Tony Lindauer the Jefferson County PVA asked me to contact you about your request for data. Give us a call.

    • VAcquaint VAcquaint
      February 28, 2014    

      Hi John,

      Thanks for reaching out. I shot a message to you on LinkedIn. Take care.


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